Work Samples

Here are PDF copies of some of the stories I wrote for The Tennessean during the summer of 2012:

Artisan_June15_Cover_Jake_Old – The cover story on June 15 about the Artisan Festival in Nashville.
Artisan_June15_Continued_Jake_Old – The continuation of the above story.
Author_Q_and_A_July8_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Bob Joyce.
Author_Q_and_A_July15_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Gary Slaughter.
Author_Q_and_A_July22_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Andrew Derr.
Author_Q_and_A_July_29_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Alice Randall.
Author_Q_and_A_June3_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Mike Pentecost.
Author_Q_and_A_June17_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Donna VanLiere.
Author_Q_and_A_June_24_Jake_Old -Author Q&A with “Two Foot” Fred Gill.
Author_Q_and_A_September2_Jake_Old – Author Q&A with Nicolas Soames.
Best_Bets_June3_Jake_Old – Best Bets feature on Murfreesboro FolkFest.
Chronic_Migraine_July19_Jake_Old – Health feature about chronic migraine.
Cirque_Michael_Jackson_June8_Cover_Jake_Old – The cover story on June 8 about Michael Jackson’s longtime drummer Jonathan Moffitt performing in Cirque du Soleil.
Cirque_Michael_Jackson_June8_Continued_Jake_Old – The continuation of the above story.
Kabler_Take_Steps_June21_Jake_Old – June 21 story about Jason Kabler, a musician who suffers from Colitis.
Kids_Triathlon_May31_Jake_Old – Feature on the Nashville Kids Triathlon, with a focus on Girls on the Run.
Literary_Conference_June3_Jake_Old – Story about a Nashville literary conference.
Namm_trade_show_front_Jake_Old – Front page of a story on the NAMM trade show.
Namm_trade_show_continued_Jake_Old – The rest of the NAMM story.
Nossi_artist_Jake_Old – Story about Arden von Haeger, an artist and instructor at Nossi College of Arts who had a work recognized by the NCAA.

Here are links to a few stories I did for the Tennessean’s music blog:

Finally, here are some links to some of my work with

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