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Everyone loves a little praise

I’m in my second full week at my new job as a reporter with The Mountain Press, and I’m lucky to be a person who loves waking up in the morning to go to work every day.

One of the great things about writing for a smaller, community-focused newspaper like the Press is the fact that the readers tend to be very passionate about the paper. When things are going good, you’ll hear positive feedback from the community.

Today my editor received a fax related to a story I wrote about a “Transition Fair,” which was a special event geared toward helping the families of special needs children with life after school.

Sort of like getting a good grade?
Sort of like getting a good grade?

The fax came from the person responsible for putting together the transition fair, who was clearly very appreciative of the work I did.

It may not be some sort of formal, fancy award, but it’s always good to know that people are enjoying my writing, particularly the person who was behind the event I was covering.

In addition to this, later today a lady called and asked if the newspaper could cover a charitable event she was putting together, and she specifically asked if I could be the reporter writing about it because she enjoys my descriptive writing style.

I’m humbled by every bit of praise I receive at my job. I get to work for a living doing something I love, and something that people seem to think that I’m good at.

It feels great.


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