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My (mostly) realistic bucket list

Much of my free time recently has been spent playing music and watching the NBA playoffs. And somehow in doing this, I started to get the longing to travel.

It’s probably because I dream a lot when I play music, and when I watch the scenes of how all the different cities are in the playoffs, it puts this weird feeling in me where I just want to go roam those streets and see those people. I can’t really explain it.

So I got to thinking: I haven’t seen nearly enough in the little time I’ve been around in this world. I want to see every state, every country. I want to have a better understanding of other walks of life, and not from a text book.

This led to me deciding that it was time to make some sort of bucket list. It’s something that I’ve kicked around some before. But I usually abandon it because I’m afraid that I won’t have the drive to follow through. And it’s a little weird to have that looming over me, like every day I become a little bit more acutely aware of my mortality or something.

I’ve always favored a “realistic” bucket-list over an idealistic one. Because I want to list things that I might actually do, not simply dreams I have. Like I said, though, I’ve always been wary of creating such a list. It’s not normally in my nature.

But I’m feeling frisky, so what the heck? Here goes, my (mostly) realistic bucket list, in no particular order:

Visit all 50 states in the USA
Leave the country
Complete a marathon
Go to a Lakers home game
Have my guitar-playing genuinely bring someone to tears (hopefully of happiness)
Learn to speak French
Fly on a plane
Learn to juggle
Write a children’s book
Watch a baseball game at Fenway Park
Learn to play the violin
Learn some sort of exotic dance from another culture
Visit Japan
Visit France
Visit Italy
Visit Great Britain
Perform music in front of more than 100 people
Meet Eric Clapton

It’s a work in progress. I guess I don’t even really know all the things I’d like to do (that I don’t think are too farfetched–ok, meeting Eric Clapton isn’t likely, but still).


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